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4 Reasons Why You Quit Your Fitness Routine

Do you always wonder why you don’t stick to your fitness routine? You probably made a lot of resolutions last year. You were so fired up from January, but you couldn’t keep up till mid-March.
A young girl who is obese enrolled in a fitness class to lose weight. She was so motivated for some weeks, but her passion nosedived after the third month. She went back to her bad eating habits and lamented to me, saying, “Why always me?” I quickly informed her she’s not alone. There’s a depressing statistic that less than 10% of people achieve their fitness resolutions.

There are lots of factors that can cripple even the best-laid fitness goal: Illnesses, work, bad hair days. Some of them are unexpected. However, many people make a fitness program hard for themselves without even realizing it. Some of the most common reasons you quit your fitness routine include:

1. You don’t like your fitness program

Many people enroll to take fitness classes, even when they don’t like it. You may be one of them. This alone can make you quit your exercise program easily. Why do you have to go to a spin class just because your spouse finds it refreshing? Why do you have to begin a running program just because your friend lost 25 pounds while training for a marathon? This can frustrate because it is not what you like.

The best way to overcome this is to find activities or training that you enjoy. Train for a race if you like challenges, Try basketball, tennis and some other sports if you don’t like structured exercise. Enroll in fitness classes if you are a social exerciser. Just do what you want.

2. You are in pain

Have you ever tried going about your daily activities when you have an injury, arthritis, lower back pain, or a headache? You remember how painful it was. Now adding exercise to the mix may be too hard to bear. Maybe this is the reason you quit your last fitness program.

Don’t work through your pain because you will only make things worse and be in more strains. Although exercise helps some conditions, but still try to see your doctor first before taking it. Never continue doing something that’s causing you pain except your doctor has told you to ignore it.

3. You don’t have a balanced routine

When you don’t balance your workout with your energy level, body, or schedule, you soon find it tiring and quit. Sometimes people have forced a plan they can’t manage. Why would you want to lift heavy weights every week when your body can’t carry it? This can damage your muscles and cause you to quit altogether.

An excellent way to overcome this is to cross-training with other activities. You can also try mixing hard workouts with moderate ones every week. Besides, always try to balance your workout with your body needs. Don’t do too much; rest well, stretch more, and light exercises.

4. Your workouts are too hard

When you try to go back to the workouts, you did many years ago, you may not keep up. You may say to yourself, “I used to run 10 miles a day 20 years ago, so I should be able to do it again.” You now have a different body, your level of energy has dropped, and your schedule is no longer the same. You are likely to quit when you try to do too much to get back into shape.

The solution is to start where your body is now. Don’t start from where you used to be. Start easy; remember it’s been a long time you worked out last. This will help you prevent injury from muscle strain. Use a lesser weight. For example, you can start with 20 to 30 minutes of cardio if you used to go one hour years ago. Gradually work until you can as much as before. Do it for weeks, not days, and listen to your body.


Being consistent with your fitness routine is very important, no matter what’s going on around you. You can quickly lose all you’ve labored for when you quit so make sure you do things right. Choose workouts that fit your body and mind. Don’t do too much to achieve more. Take your time and pay attention to your body. Remember, “Winners never quit.”

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