The Central Library of Rochester & Monroe County unveiled a new interactive mural.

 The Central Library of Rochester & Monroe County unveiled a new interactive mural
The Central Library of Rochester & Monroe County unveiled a new interactive mural


Deputy Mayor James Smith and Patricia Uttaro, Director of the Rochester Public Library and the community unveiled a new interactive mural at the Central Library’s Link Level.

Patricia Uttaro, Director of Rochester Public Library, explained how this project all started, she said:

“This project really happened kind of organically,Last spring I showed Derek Kolly a picture of a wall in San Francisco of wings that people were using to take photos of themselves with angel wings and dragon wings and so on, and Derek took that to John Hilton and to a few other people and  Chloe came up with this fantastic rendition of what we were originally talking about, and this is so much better than what I had ever envisioned. I’m so much in debt to Derek and to Chloe and John and Lydia for making this happen and of course, for all the kids who participated in this project, it was a fascinating process to watch from the very beginning, from Snapping lines on the wall to the sketching in and the painting and the finishing .


Deputy Mayor James Smith and Rochester Public Library Patricia Uttaro expressed the importance of the mural and the aim behind the painting.


A team of eight teenagers from the Teen Center seized the opportunity to express themselves artistically, and the group conceived an initial plan for the mural.


Local artist Chloe Smith was hired to work with the teens and using their ideas and concepts they developed an overall design for the mural. Under Chloe’s guidance, the teens cleaned and graphed the walls to prepare them for the artwork and also assisted with the actual painting of this unique art piece.


The project, which began in June 2019, was finished in September and has resulted in a beautiful hand-painted interactive mural that now brightens the walls of the Central Library’s Link Level. 


 In addition to the beautiful designs and colorful artwork, there are several different spots along with the mural where patrons can interact with the art for fun photo opportunities.


Speaking to Chloe Smith, the artist who guided the teens in making this possible, we asked her how she feels about working with the teens on this project.


In an interview with some of the teens who helped create the mural, they expressed how happy they are being part of this beautiful mural and how it will benefit the youth in the community.


The new interactive mural at the Central Library’s Link Level is the right place for parents to take their children to have a fun photoshoot.


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