The Intelligent Community Forum hosts its conference in Rochester, NY.

The Intelligent Community Forum hosts its conference in Rochester, NY.


ROCHESTER, N.Y. (RBC) As the city celebrates achievement on becoming the hub of technology and innovation, Mayor Lovely Warren today kicked off the intelligent community forum (ICF) SMART21 global cities announcement and conference here in Rochester.

The Intelligent Community Forum is an international network of cities and regions with its mission to aid communities, use information and interactions modern technology to produce inclusive success, take on social and difficulties and improve their quality of life.

Lou Zacharilla talks about the Intelligent Community Forum as an international network.

The conference that started this morning at the Strathallan hotel brought dignities around the world to discuss and share ideas on “building prosperity at home in the information age.”

In an opening remark from the city, Mayor Loverly Waren expresses how Digital technology and data have the power to improve lives and strengthen communities.

The city of Rochester has been named twice as a smart21 community and is hosting the Smart21 2020 on today at the William A Johnson Jr terminal building at the Port of Rochester.


Participants at this conference will also have the chance to tour some innovative city projects, including the Inner loop development, Solar field, Mount Read operational center, and Turning point part.


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